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Chambers of commerce are business advocacy groups which are usually not associated with government. They are separate from the Better Business Bureau insofar as there is no national organization that binds them under a formal operations doctrine.

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Chambers of commerce can also include economic development groups, as well as tourism and visitors bureaus. There are basically two models worldwide, 'compulsory' or 'continental', those which companies of a certain area are obliged to belong to. This happens in most countries of EU (France, Germany, Italy, Spain). Their main tasks are Foreign Trade Promotion, Training and General Services to companies. They also have a consultive function. This means that Administration must consult chambers whenever a new law related industry or commerce is proposed. Non-compulsory models exist in Anglo-saxon countries like USA, UK.

The Chamber holds regular meetings covering a wide variety of subjects and social functions. The Chamber has sub-committees covering roads, planning and car parking, membership and services to members, social, press and public relations and town centre management.

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Membership is open to any business.

The Chamber plays a representative role in local planning issues aiming to keep retail outlets in the town centre.

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The Events Calendar provides details of events and functions throughout South and Central London. Please use freely and suggest events you know about for inclusion. (Members obtain reduced rates at most events).

Fact Sheets on a variety of business issues are being added regularly.

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